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EGC "Entre Geosciences et Chimie" Seminars series


“Entre Géosciences et Chimie” (EGC) is a seminar serie that serve as an interdisciplinary platerform for researchers within the material chemistry and geosciences. The objective of the serminar is to promote the research at the interface of both domain and also to create an open space for discussion and build link between researchers to improve team research at local and international level.

The themes

Subject of the seminar is mainly material research focus. The seminar topics are the following:

  • Geochemistry, genesis of geomaterial, Mineralization and metallurgy;
  • Natural geomaterials: Characterization, Evaluation and valorization;
  • Hydrology, water Resources, water treatment and environmental pollution;
  • Inorganic materials: Composites and Hybrid materials



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